Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sculpture 1/23-1/27

Sculpture students have demonstrated an amazing capability to be responsible when given materials to create a piece of art! This group spectacularly created bright and colorful letter art out of cardboard, carefully cutting away areas using X-Acto knives to reveal their designs.

Coming up next, these students will be working on creating paper mache animals. I eagerly look forward to some of their plans and designs!

Painting 1/23-1/26

Students in Painting class have completed their examples of watercolor techniques and their scales; these techniques included salt, rubbing alcohol, wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, splatter, flat wash and variegated wash.


They have begun and quickly moved through the first full project that requires them to use measurements to scale up a small collage image to a larger painted one.

Foundations 2 1/23-1/27

Foundations 2 students have been working on two still lives that push them to really look at what they're working with. In these still lives they must use a black pencil on white paper and vice versa to portray shadows and highlights. While many of these students (and others) are familiar with the concept of drawing shadows, it is a completely new concept to look at and draw in those bright areas.

Next week students will begin working with color and learning how, in nature, nothing is actually a 'true' color, how there are always undertones of others present.

Drawing 1/23-1/27

Drawing students have completed their introduction assignments. In one they think of a single word that describes them and illustrate it using a cartoon character version of themselves. In the second they illustrate a word using images or parts of images that defines or describes the word.

Next they will be moving on into value, starting with a simple value match; working square by square to complete a picture.

Design 1/23-1/27

Design students have been hard at work to create broadsides announcing OPA"s silent auction and the need for student entries! Learning how colors in advertising affect consumers and that fonts themselves can be a driving force, these students have created some truly amazing pieces that I look forward to sharing with the rest of our community!

After their broadsides have been completed on Monday, we will be moving on to printmaking and monograms. This will be a new realm of experience for many of our students!

Also students have the option of ordering a pillow kit through me from Haan Crafts. If a student was interested they were given an order form to complete and return to the school by the end of February. I am NOT requiring this assignment, but due to majority of the class's request getting one is an option for all.

Foundations 1 1/23-1/27

Foundations 1 students have been working hard on recognizing color families and making two optical illusions. They have created some really amazing and effective illusions this semester, especially their worm holes, displaying a willingness to be creative and work hard on an idea! Stick around for some awesome samples next week!

A reminder of importance

Students please remember to get onto your Google classroom and complete your weekly questions! These are REQUIRED and close Saturday night. There is also NO make up if you miss the week's dead line since you have SIX days to complete this, either in school or at home.